1. Provide the requested information below, which serves to acknowledge:
    1. There is an opening order requirement (detailed below section 3b)
    2. You will be providing your information directly to Josh.ai
  2. Once you click “Submit”, you will receive a pop-up window with a link that will take you to Josh.ai’s authorization process
  3. Begin the Josh.ai authorization and certification steps:
    1. Fill out the Josh.ai onboarding form. Once completed, your information will be sent to Snap One and you will be authorized to purchase Josh.ai products, within 1-2 business days.
    2. Your opening order, meant to be used for demo/showroom purposes, will contain the following products at a cost of $3,361 USD.  This order will automatically be processed by Snap One and charged to you in accordance with your existing terms, once you are authorized by Josh.ai: 
      1. (2) Josh Micro
      2. (2) Josh Nano
      3. (1) Josh Core
      4. (2) Josh License (Basic Annual or higher)
    3. You will need to execute the Josh.ai dealer agreement
    4. Begin the "Josh.ai & Control4 Dealer Certification" Training Course
    5. Register you and anyone on your team for Josh/ai's New Dealer Orientation
  4. Once you pass the "Josh.ai & Control4 Dealer Certification" training
    1. Your demo Platform Access license will be activated and you will be invited by the Josh.ai team via email to create an “integrator” level account to
      1. Access the Josh.ai Portal
      2. Deploy your demo Josh.ai system
    2. A sales representative will contact you to assist with any questions and ensure your demo/showroom deployment is successful
Primary Contact Name*
Shipping Address*
I understand that my signature below acknowledges that an opening order for the products and price listed above will automatically be placed for me by Snap One, once Josh.ai has informed Snap One that I am authorized to purchase their products.*
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